What happens during a quantum face-lift?
Energetic Pampering

  • How would you like to feel refreshed, capable of handling whatever needs to be done? Every day?
  • What if your daily routine activities could become more worthwhile, difficult tasks feel less of a challenge, and life-as-a-whole would become more rewarding. How would you feel?
  • Do you recall a time in your life when that was normal? How did you feel then?
  • What if you could feel that way again, now. What would it be like?
  • What if you could again be the best person you’ve ever been?
  • What if the Quantum Face-Lift could do that for you?

I think of the Quantum Face-Lift as energetic pampering, but it is much more than that. When I do a Quantum Face-Lift on myself, I start by breathing a little more slowly than normal. Doing so takes me to what I call my ‘happy place’. I’m sure many of you have one and are familiar with finding your way to your own happy place. Once I am in my happy place, I drop into a state of gentle self-hypnosis. I entrain to my own highest vibrations. I place my hands and focus my attention on the area of my face where I wish to have smoother skin. Internally, I mentally speak slowly to my subconscious saying positive affirmations. At a subconscious level I become receptive to the healing power of the Life Force Energy which is hidden deep inside my very being. 

In that state of peace and quiet the inherent healing abilities of my body take over. My lymphatic system begins to function better. Toxins are removed. My skin cells are being toned, regaining elasticity, and collagen levels are restored to normal. The warmth of the energy on the underlying layers of the skin breaks down worn-out collagen and stimulates the growth of new elastic cells and the production of amino acids for healthy proteins.

Sometimes I can stay in this state for as long as 15 to 20 minutes. At other times I am able to flip in and out at a moment’s notice. I prefer to stay for a minimum of 5 minutes at least twice a day. In such a short time, I can start the rejuvenation process, set it, and forget it. The rejuvenation of my face will continue for as long as several hours.
When returning to my normal day’s activities I feel refreshed, capable of handling whatever needs to be done. Routine activities become more worthwhile, difficult tasks feel less of a challenge, and life-as-a-whole becomes more rewarding.

I love taking a few moments just for myself. I think of it as Energetic Pampering, and it is what the Quantum Face-Lift can do for you as well.

Be Well, Be Beautiful, Be You!

~ Trudy Baker

Trudy @ Quantum Face-Lift

She designed the Quantum Face-Lift program from her vast wealth of knowledge, practice and results to help women like you and herself to enhance your complexion, to become more beautiful and youthful looking, to become more self-confident. Trudy talks about it having been fun for her, and we, The QFL team, fully expect it will be fun for you as well.

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