The Life Force Energy and Quantum Face-Lift

What if you could use the Life Force Energy to improve the way you look?

Just what is that Life Force Energy?

How would you feel if you could use it to improve your appearance?

What if the Quantum Face-Lift program could teach you to do so?

In every day life we all experience times of high energy and times of low energy. I have googled what causes one to have such fluctuations of energy. I found all kinds of answers; from poor diet, to too much exposure to electronic devices, not enough sleep, viruses, medical issues, or just plain aging. Every one of these reasons can take away one’s joy of life. The good news is; there seems to be some sort of energy that gives us joy of life. It is that mysterious life giving energy which I refer to when talking about The Life Force Energy.

Various dictionaries refer to the Life Force Energy as: vitality; the ability to live or exist; the central energy or power that moves through all living things; a concept in spirituality and alternative medicine.

The existence and importance of the Life Force Energy is discussed in many different fields including Energy Psychology, Ayurvedic Medicine, Acupuncture, Quantum Physics, Animalism and more.

Almost every tradition has its own name for that mystrious force within a human person that keeps us living. Here are just a few.

Chi - Chinese 

Healing Power of Nature – Hippocrates

Light or Holy Spirit – Christians

Bioplasmic Energy – Russians

Orgon - Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Animal Magnetism – Anton Mesmer

Innate Intelligence – D. D. Palmer

Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist

Author of the Biology of Belief

"We are not the victims of our heredity, we are the masters of our heredity because we can change


What if you could use the Life Force Energy to improve the way you look?

But just what is that Life Force Energy?

 Whatever it is, it appears to be available to us all. Yet our ability to use It seems to be forgotten by most of us. I have learned to tap into it at will and use it to enjoy my life to its fullest. Also it is extremely easy to learn to tap into that mysterious energy. I use it in every course I teach.

The Life Force Energy may well be considered our most important resource which can be tapped into while doing the Quantum Face-Lift.

Be Well. Be Beautiful, Be You!

                                                                                     ~ Trudy Baker

Trudy @ Quantum Face-Lift

She designed the Quantum Face-Lift program from her vast wealth of knowledge, practice and results to help women like you and herself to enhance your complexion, to become more beautiful and youthful looking, to become more self-confident. Trudy talks about it having been fun for her, and we, The QFL team, fully expect it will be fun for you as well.

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lisette - 23rd August 2019

I love the saying of Bruce Lipton …lets not forget it.

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