Today I want to share my personal experience with Quantum Face-Lift.

You may have heard me say,

I created the QFL for myself and for women like you, who want to maintain a youthful experience.

In all honesty, initially it was just for myself.

I am healthy and fit, and have been all my life.

It was my sister Mae who told me when I was in my late sixties, “You can get away with telling people you are 10 years younger than you really are…just don’t show your face.”

Even now many years later,

I still am in good shape.

Here’s a picture of two of my friends and me

3 women, 55, 75 and 35

That’s me in the middle, a few years ago.
I shape up pretty well, even if I say so myself. :)

I compared with a close up of our faces, taken a few days later.

3 faces 35, 75 and 55

Yes. I began to realize how right my sister was, and seriously started wanting to do something about my face.

I spent many an evening at the beach, doing my sunset meditation.

That’s when the idea of the quantum facelift was born.

I researched modern techniques for facelifts,

I researched ancient healing modalities, used all my knowledge about healing and the human body, and wrote the program.

Tested out all the techniques on me, and practiced.

I wanted my body and my face to be in balance.

Two years later my friend Miriam arranged for a group of women in Laredo to try out the program at a 3-day workshop.

The first QFL Workshop in Laredo

During that first workshop I owned up: “A QFL does not guarantee to remove all lines and wrinkles from your face."

"Just look at mine.” Miriam spontaneously blurted out,

“You should have seen her last year!” 

The workshop was a great success!

​Results beyond my expectations.

The first picture was me in June still writing away on the program.

The second one was taken last day of July, at the workshop graduation program.

People asked, But will it last?

My answer was, "I expect so, but only if you keep up the practice."

And of course, we do get older every year.

No one at 50 looks like 25.

But at 50 and at 70 we can look good, vibrant, and healthy.

And then came some serious stress.

As usual we spent the following winter in Costa Rica.

One day.

Mid or late December, at the beach.

I had to walk faster than usual to catch up with Everett because I had stayed behind chatting with other vacationers.

I stepped into a deep hole and wrecked my ankle.




Serious sprain.

Torn ligaments,

A crack in the heel bone.

The Achilles ligament was torn right off the heel bone.

I had a lot of help healing.

All my online healing friends sent energy.

A local indigenous medicine man made twice daily home visits.

I received many well-wishes and was determined to get better.

I spent several days in pajamas, and then hobbled on crutches.

My husband did all the cooking, all the shopping, all the laundry and tucked me into bed under my mosquito net, for days.

My grandson sprained his ankle playing basketball on the very same weekend.

I said, I’m having a contest with Jacob, to see who can heal a sprained ankle fastest.

My son: "Mom, be realistic, you are 77. Old people break bones and do not heal as fast.”

One friend texted, "Oh, dear, I hope you don’t have to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair."

Someone else: "My father in law at 79, fell and…"

I didn’t want to go there.

I got better.

My ankle healed, and when I was walking again.

On the beach, in flip flops and tank top my husband looked at me,

​“So glad you are totally recovered, but, I wonder, maybe you should do a quantum facelift again.”

I went home and looked in the mirror, at my face.

I knew I had to start all over again.

Sure, I have started writing again, and was working with Miriam and Sam to get the book Energetic Pampering published.

I knew we needed Miriam’s picture on the book.

Mine would never do.

I believed I could still write the material,

I can still teach the techniques.

But I had lost hope.

My emotions were shocked when someone suggested, wheelchair, old people heal slowly...

All that stuff that so many people believe about ageing had grown roots in my subconscious mind.

It was then I knew we had to add another section to the program.

What could be hindering your success?

Releasing trapped emotions.

Balancing limiting belief systems

I worked on myself,

Tapped away to remove negative emotions.

I pretzeled up using positive affirmations to align my conscious and subconscious mind.

To change my limiting beliefs.

4 years later, age 81

Yes, it IS possible to have a pleasing and youthful appearance at any age. Here I am, four years later, at age 81.

I know the techniques.

It’s fun for me to use them and to teach them.

I am convinced it will be fun and rewarding for you to learn them as well.

If you are ready to jump in?

Learn the techniques and practices​ that helped me so much ..

The Fountain of Youth is Waiting

The time of anti ageing is over. The time of Pro-Youthing is just begining

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