Quantum Body Sculpting

Do you have any unwanted body fat?
On your inner thighs or under the buttocks?
Do varicose veins bother you?
Do flabby underarms or does crepey skin?
Do you have flabby flanks or a bouncing belly?

The Quantum Body Sculpting course addresses all of these irritating details from a holistic and energetic point of view. You will learn to tune into your inner self with the use of meditations in movement to bring your body into balance with all energy systems around us.

You will learn to allow all memories of proportionate shape to resonate within yourselves.

We show you how to release long-held non-beneficial thoughts and to rewrite any non-beneficial internal tapes to re-create an anatomically correct and proportionately pleasing body shape.

The work we do is guided by the heart, intuitive and spiritual.

If you are ready to gain new levels of freedom, this course in body awareness and body sculpting is for you.
A 3 day Live Workshop taught by Trudy Baker, QHP, QHI