Laredo, July 2016, Quantum Face-Lift

Taught by Trudy Baker

Sponsored by S.V. Bella
Location: The Presentation Room in Bella’s Beauty Salon

The invitation for the event went out to the local Beauty Industry. It and was attended by 14 cosmetologists along with some of their friends and daughters. The ages of the students ranged from 15 to 50 yrs plus. Some of whom knew each other for years as co-workers and as competitors in the industry. Some had never met before and became friends who have kept in touch since.
The students came to learn how to improve the appearance of their faces. They left very satisfied, feeling happy, glowing and enthused. All felt rejuvenated, pleased to have new skills to use for themselves and to share with their clients, family and friends.
One of the participants, a teacher of children with special challenges wrote: “First I want to say thank you Trudy for teaching us a wonderful technique! Since the summer that I was introduced to the Quantum Face-lift and quantum energy I have used it on my face with visible results. I also used it on my students to help them relief their stress. Thank you and looking forward to see you again and learn something new.”