Most of us have been told once or twice or more times in our lives: “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it!” I would add: “Be careful what you think about, it may become your future.” The idea is not original with me. See Mahatma Gandhi’s quote above.

Very little of what I say and write is original. What I have read and what I have listened to has become part of my awareness, so much so that much of it has become me. What I consciously and repeatedly pay attention to, especially those things that resonate with me, finds its way into my sub-conscious. My sub-conscious beliefs determine much of what happens in my life, determines where I go, what I eat, what I talk about, what I do from day to day, and even what I look like.

When I was a very young child I had a grandmother who I loved dearly. She gave me hugs. She applauded me for child-like victories when I learned new skills. She had a wrinkled face, and I recall her telling my aunt: “My wrinkles are where smiles have been.” My aunt, who, even though much younger than my grandmother, had deeper wrinkles on her face than my grandmother. She was not a happy person. “I’ve earned my wrinkles,” she’d say.

My oldest sister, a teenager when I was a preschooler, had a beautifully smooth face. She applied make-up ever so carefully. When I experimented with her make-up, she would snarl a snide remark at me: “Keep out of my stuff! You don’t need that!” I did not like my oldest sister. I wanted to become like my grandmother, wrinkled face and all. And I did.

Of course, there is more to it than my childlike wishes becoming fulfilled. We all live in a culture where it is accepted for old people to have wrinkled faces. Younger people, women especially, do all we can to not appear old. We fight the wrinkles. We stare in the mirror. Are there any? Eventually, the wrinkles do show up. Because we get older? Because it’s all we think about? Do our bodies accommodate us? “You want wrinkles? OK, I’ll give you some.”

We live in a culture where youth is applauded and old age is frowned upon. We are surrounded by advertisements for products to retain our youth. We buy the products, and with them, sub-consciously, we buy the idea that our faces will wrinkle as we grow older. Using the products becomes a habit.

When doing a Quantum Face-Lift we employ the powers of the sub-conscious mind to integrate with the healing power of the Universal Life Force. We teach you a series of self-healing techniques and exercises that foster beautiful facial appearance. As well, the techiques also have a positive influence on your attitude at a deeper level for a positive attitude.

Trudy @ Quantum Face-Lift

She designed the Quantum Face-Lift program from her vast wealth of knowledge, practice and results to help women like you and herself to enhance your complexion, to become more beautiful and youthful looking, to become more self-confident. Trudy talks about it having been fun for her, and we, The QFL team, fully expect it will be fun for you as well.

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