How Quantum Face-Lift engages the lymphatic system

  • Have you ever wondered why you look older when you feel tired? When you feel stressed out? (YES/NO)
  • How would your life look if you could have more vitality, feel more energetic?
  • Do you recall a time in your life when you had unlimited energy? When you were relaxed and at ease with yourself. What did that feel like? 
  • What if the Quantum Face-Lift could set the clock backwards and bring back your youthful appearance? How would you feel if that came to be?

“The Quantum Face-Lift is known to lessen facial wrinkles. The skin will increase in firmness and the muscles of the face will become more toned. It gives you an overall healthier appearance. Quantum Face-lifts will decrease the tendency towards sagging jowls. It will tighten the skin on the neck. It will reduce double chins and lift drooping eyelids. Old scars may lessen, heal and reverse to new healthy looking skin.” – from the book “Energetic Pampering”

How does a Quantum Face-Lift get credit for doing all the benefits mentioned above? We engage the Life Force Energy to boost and, in some cases reactivate the lymphatic system.

Inside our body, there is an amazing protection mechanism called the lymphatic system working in close coordination with the immune system. Actually, the lymphatic system is a component of the immune system. The immune system is a functional system, it defends the body against pathogens. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and made up of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, lymph, spleen, bone marrow, the thymus gland, spleen, tonsils, vermiform appendix, and Peyer’s patch. It is responsible for getting toxins out of the body, to clear away infection and keep your body fluids in balance. 

Together they are designed to defend us against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to invade our body. Running energy on the lymph nodes helps the LS to function better. Your skin benefits as toxins are being removed. Also, dead collagen is being removed so that new healthy collagen can grow, and elastin can strengthen.

Sometimes I think of an analogy. If my body was a computer, the Lymphatic System is a like the hardware and the Immune System is like the software. While analogies are never quite accurate, they often help me, and in this case help me understand how the Immune System and the Lymphatic System work together.

Dr. Bruno Chikly, M.D. and Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) writes in an article entitled “Best Face Forward: The Mini Face Lift Effects of Lymph Drainage Therapy” (Massage Magazine, February 2012), not only does lymph drainage help edema (fluid retention), it also helps with the reduction of appearance of scars and wrinkles.”

I read a lot of articles and watched many videos about lymphatic massage on the face. I noticed that most of the brushing motions are downwards encouraging the lymph vessels to drain. And true enough, movement of the lymphatic fluid will increase this way. The irony is that downward motion also increases the negative effects of gravity causing more of a sagging effect on the face. Sagging faces are NOT youthful faces. In the Quantum Face-Lift we use the powerful effect of the Life Force Energy, the Chi, and the love of our hearts to activate lymphatic drainage.  The energy and the love stimulate the skin to rejuvenate and replenish itselfin order to obtain long-lasting and natural results.                                                  

By learning the position of lymph nodes on the face, neck, and chest you will know better where to place your hands.

Lymph drainage has an anti-aging effect because it works on the parasympathetic nervous system. It promotes a deep state of relaxation to the face and body. Releasing skin tension helps to regenerate and oxygenate, thereby improving overall facial beauty. Reducing stress on the body and face also helps to relax the face, beautifying your facial appearance. The Quantum Face-Lift explained in this booklet differs from both the Pranic facial and the Access Consciousness facelift, neither of which focus on engaging the lymphatic system.

To understand the power of the immune system, all we have to do is observe what happens to anything once it dies. When something dies, its immune system (along with everything else) shuts down. In a matter of hours, a body is invaded by all sorts of bacteria, microbes, and parasites. A healthy working immune system keeps our bodies in maximum health.

Be Beautiful. Be Youthful. Be You!

                                                                                                     ~ Trudy Baker


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Trudy @ Quantum Face-Lift

She designed the Quantum Face-Lift program from her vast wealth of knowledge, practice and results to help women like you and herself to enhance your complexion, to become more beautiful and youthful looking, to become more self-confident. Trudy talks about it having been fun for her, and we, The QFL team, fully expect it will be fun for you as well.

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