The Birth of
Quantum Face-Lift

Today I want to share my personal experience with Quantum Face-Lift.

You may have heard me say, I created the QFL for myself and for women like you, who want to maintain a youthful experience.

In all honesty, initially it was just for myself.

I am healthy and fit, and have been all my life. It was my sister Mae who told me when I was in my late sixties, “You can get away with telling people you are 10 years younger than you really are…just don’t show your face.” Even now many years later, I still am in good shape.

Here’s a picture of two of my friends and me

3 women, 55, 75 and 35

That’s me in the middle, a few years ago. I shape up pretty well, even if I say so myself.

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Trudy Baker

As a child I imitated my mother’s healing techniques. I worked with my pet dog and other animals to heal them. In my extended family there also were aunts and uncles who were skilled healers.During my adult years I learned many alternate healing modalities to enhance my healing practice.I have international experience as a Quantum Touch Instructor and have introduced Quantum Healing to a wide range of healing practitioners. I am currently writing again.You can find “Energetic Pampering, Quantum Face-Lift” on Amazon as a paperback and an e-book. Also the book “Come Breathe with Us”, a self-help book on becoming healthier through proper breathing methods, will soon be available on this website.

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