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Worry Wrinkles or Laugh Lines?

Do you know the difference? How would you explain the difference?Which do you have most of?   Why?Which bother you most, and why?I invite you to do the following experiment.Close your eyes gently and cover your face with both hands, touching the skin on your face ever so lightly. Smile! Pay attention to what happens to the […]

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What happens during a quantum face-lift? Energetic Pampering

What happens during a quantum face-lift? Energetic PamperingHow would you like to feel refreshed, capable of handling whatever needs to be done? Every day?What if your daily routine activities could become more worthwhile, difficult tasks feel less of a challenge, and life-as-a-whole would become more rewarding. How would you feel?Do you recall a time in […]

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​QFL℠MEDITATION​ Sit in a comfortable position facing a pleasing picture on your wall. Imagine you are in one of your favorable places. Close your eyes and breathe a little more slowly than normal. Bring your focus behind your eyes. Place your hands palms upward with thumb and ring finger touching. Allow your body to relax. Open your eyes and look at the […]

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